We supply and install complete hood systems, exhaust fans, make-up air systems, fire suppression systems and duct work. Hood system consist of an exhaust hood, duct work and a fan system. The system must met local inspection agency requirements.
Exhaust hoods and canopies the smoke and soot in the air by filters, extraction baffles. There are many types of hoods with canopy styles—

  * a large square style with and open bases, being the most common. Styles selection is based solely on what the equipment installed needs for operation . While there are several styles of hoods, all fall into two major categories:

  * Hoods 1 carry a listing label and are manufactured and installed according to the manufacturer's and listing agencies' requirements. They are designed to handle grease and include a number of integrated components within the hood.

  * Hoods 2 are used in the collection of steam, vapor, heat, and odors but not grease. 

Exhaust duct work provides the means to transfer contaminated air, cooking heat and grease vapors from the hood to the fan.

  * Ducts accumulate flammable grease and should be made of 16- gauge steel or 18-gauge stainless steel this is code.

  * The ducts must me securely supported and mounted by non flammable supports ans fasteners. Fasteners should not penetrate the duct.

  * The duct is often run inside a shaft enclosure and that enclosure is typically constructed of gypsum board, plaster, concrete, or ceramic tiles and must be an approved continuous fire-rated enclosure.

Exhaust fans help heat and harmful air exit the building. All exhaust fan components must be accessible or have removable access panels for cleaning and inspection and must be designed to contain and drain any excess grease. There are three major types of exhaust fans:

  * Up-blast fans are typically aluminum centrifugal that are designed for roof mounting directly on top of the exhaust stack.

  * Fans are normally roof-mounted with the inlet and outlet.

  * Inline fans are typically located in the duct and are placed where exterior fan mounting is impractical.




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